Nativity Pizza From Baileys: Christmas Traditions

Nativity Pizza From Baileys: Christmas Traditions

Do you know Nativity Pizza From Baileys? As the winter winds pick up, a quiet argument starts to form: when is it truly okay to start drinking Baileys? Some might say the season should start in early November, but for me, December 20th is the most important day. Why is the date so exact? I look forward to the pre-Christmas bottle of Baileys more than any other habit I have during the holiday season. I am sure that even Baby Jesus would agree with you. Why? Okay, just because I say so.

Nativity Pizza From Baileys: A Magical Treat We Made Ourselves

Nativity Pizza From Baileys: Christmas Traditions

Traditions are like Tevye’s “Fiddler on the Roof”—they’re always there, but where they came from is often a secret. A story about a daughter carefully cutting off a ham bone for Christmas, just like her mother did, shows the strange and sometimes funny reasons behind our favorite traditions. Tradition might sound mysterious, but it’s just a sweet treat we make ourselves.

Nativity Pizza From Baileys: How the Christmas turkey changed over time: Dickens’s Impact

On Christmas Day, turkey is a traditional and fun main dish. But did you know that Charles Dickens’s classic story “A Christmas Carol” was a big part of making the bird the most important bird on the holiday table? Beef was the holiday food of choice before Dickens, and the middle class had geese. Dickens painted a beautiful picture of a Christmas feast with his colorful writing. He forgot one important thing, though: the poor Cratchits didn’t have an oven! Imagine what it would be like to get that huge turkey from Scrooge and not have anywhere to cook it.

Breaking Free from Traditions: Making Your Own Parties

Instead of feeling limited by past customs, think about how freeing it would be to make your own. If custom is what we make it, then there are a lot of options. Want to have rice and avocado tacos for Christmas? Sure, why not? Do you want to make a tasty beef rendang or get crafty by making a nativity scene out of margherita pizza? You can make your choice. Don’t follow the rules this Christmas. Instead, let your customs show who you are. It’s your custom, so go ahead and make it as crazy and out of the ordinary as you want.

Be open to the unusual: standing up for your choices

This Christmas, be open to the unusual. No matter if it’s how you make holiday dishes or when you drink Baileys, let your customs boldly show who you are. In that case, if someone questions your Christmas decisions, just stare them down and say, “Because it’s Christmas, and that’s what we do.” And besides, customs are made by the people who follow them. It’s fun to celebrate the season in your own unique way!